The Vineyard

The Vineyard

The main vineyard was planted in 1999, 2004 and 2005. We subsequently planted Solaris and we now have 2500 vines of modern grape varieties.

We grow Orion, Phoenix, Johanniter and Solaris for the white wines and Rondo and Regent for rosé wine. These cool climate varieties are well suited to Cornish wine production because they are high yielding and disease resistant. The four white varieties produce a dry white wine, full of aroma and flavour and with a low acidity. The two red varieties are blended to make a fresh rosé.  All our wines are therefore made wholly with grapes from Cornwall

The vineyard is planted in a deep fertile loam, on a gentle south-facing slope in a shallow wooded valley of oak, willow, hazel and hawthorn. The quality of the soil presents us with problems in controlling the natural vigour of the vine and we carefully prune each year and remove excess leaf growth in the fruiting season to allow the grapes to ripen.

A year in Bosue Vineyard


For us the vineyard year starts in March when we prune the vines. We prune late to encourage a later bud burst which hopefully will prevent damage by a late Spring frost


The vines should all be pruned by now with the first buds appearing


Shoot growth can be rapid this months and the small potential grape clusters will start to form


At this time of year shoot growth is rapid. These shoots have to be carefully tucked into the parallel trellis wires and unwanted water shoots are removed.


This is a critical month as the vines will flower and set the fruit. The flowers are tiny and fruit set can be disrupted by cold wet weather so we hope for a fine settled spell, a good Wimbledon fortnight is always to be welcomed. With the longer evenings it can be a good time for a group tour


Although the growth slows as the vines direct energy to the fruit, we carefully trim the vines to ensure the bunches have maximum exposure to light and air. With the vines trimmed and grass and weeds hopefully under control, the vineyard should look it’s best!


Probably the most exciting and anxious month! I will be regularly checking sugar levels and acidity, and the first grapes to harvest will be the Rondo and Solaris


Harvest now in full swing, with a loyal band of helpers and the pleasure of picking the last bunch of harvest!

November and December

A quiet time in the vineyard, time to enjoy the autumn colours before we start the first of the Christmas markets

January and February

The vineyard is dormant for these months and whilst snow gives some great photo opportunities, we prepare to start all over again in March.

The grapevine

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