Harvest 2014

A record Harvest for Bosue Vineyard!


2014 was a record breaking year for Bosue Vineyard, and most other English and Cornish Vineyards. The combination of a frost free Spring, fine weather at flowering in June and July, hot weather through the summer and a warm, dry autumn produced ideal conditions for English grapes - proving good grapes can be grown if weather conditions are right!

Bosue harvested 8.5 tonnes over three weeks, finishing on 10th October, two weeks earlier than usual. A lot of work for many hands in picking, crushing and destalking and pressing. Most of the 2014 still wines are now sold but we will be releasing our 2014 Sparkling whitew and rosé wines later in 2016



Harvest Helpers

We were fortunate with fine weather on picking days and plenty of helpers - we are grateful for all the help we received and whilst there is always lots to do, we find time to relax as well!
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